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The SUN-MAR Mobile/SpaceSaver Toilet

The key to the success of the MOBILE / SPACESAVER lies in its three chamber
design. Each of the three chambers; patented Bio-drum, compost finishing drawer, and
evaporation chamber, have their own independent environments for optimum
efficiency. The MOBILE / SPACESAVER features a thermostatically controlled
heater and fan assembly to help evaporate liquid and should be used where there is a
constant electrical supply.

The Patented Bio-Drum
Unique to Sun-Mar, the patented bio-drum provides the necessary mass to maintain
good compost and allows easy aeration of the compost by simply turning the drum.
Excess liquid will exit through a screen in the bottom of the drum into the evaporation
chamber. Mixing the Bio-drum is accomplished by rotating the handle in a clock-wise
direction. Compost is removed from the drum by pulling out the white drum lock button
(under the footrest) and rotating the handle in a counter clock-wise direction.

The Compost Finishing Drawer
The compost finishing drawer sits in an opening under the footrest. Compost in the
drawer is isolated from mixing with new waste while resting for 4 weeks so that it can
finish composting.

The Evaporation Chamber
The evaporation chamber is the floor
of the unit under the compost finishing
drawer. This is the area where any
excess liquid will gather for
evaporation. A safety drain exits from
the back of the composting toilet
which will drain over-flow liquid that is
not evaporated to an approved facility.

Off Grid And Green
Off Grid And Green


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