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Features and Benefits of Sun-Mar Composting Toilets

100 % non-polluting
Sun-Mar Composting toilets use the natural process of decomposition to breakdown human waste into a safe fertilizing soil. Liquid waste is completely evaporated on many models with the assistance of a low powered fan & heating element. Other models use a small lined evapo-transpiration bed to handle any excess liquid. The result is no discharge. No discharge means there is no possibility of polluting ground water.

Completely waterless
Most Sun-Mar models are completely waterless.
Conventional toilets waste anywhere from 1.6 gallons to 5 gallons of water per flush. Sun-Mar is proud of the fact that our composting toilets are daily preventing approximately 5 million gallons of water from being needlessly flushed away.

Cost effective
Each of Sun-Mar’s 11 models of composting units is under $2200.00
No Messy Chemicals
Sun-Mar units use only a peat moss mixture and bacteria to compost human waste.

Sun-Mar composting toilets support aerobic decomposition which produces no sewer gases. Furthermore a partial vacuum is maintained by the venting system to insure no odor.
Electric & Non-Electric models available
Sun-Mar offers a complete line of energy efficient electric, 12 Volt or non-electric models.

Produces a usable product
The final product produced is a nutrient rich fertilizing soil.

Easy to maintain
You simply add a peat moss mixture and rotate a handle on the composting unit twice a week.

Off Grid And Green
Off Grid And Green


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