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Know what You Are Getting With a Composting Toilet

People using septic systems are often very cautious about what goes into their toilet and its maintenance. Most people are not aware of certain things like the negative effect of flushing sanitary napkins, large amounts of bathroom tissue and harsh chemicals down the toilet. In the same category, house owners should be aware of a few composting toilet do's and don'ts, what goes into it and also about its maintenance?

What is a composting toilet and how it works

A composting toilet is the bathroom fixture which is used as a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toilets on city sewers or septic systems. Instead of wasting flush out water, composting toilets are intellectually designed along with a composting container, wherein the waste is easily broken down through the natural use of microbes and oxygen. The venting systems ensure that compost toilets can be used 100% odor free.

In addition to water savings and the ability to place a composting toilet almost anywhere, composting toilets also keep harmful chemicals out of our ground water. Antibiotics and other medications passed through human urine, are quite harmful in nature. Hence, usging a composting toilet to separate and evaporate the liquids before being reintroduced into the environment, makes composting toilets a green and environmentally friendly alternative.

Composting toilets for the purpose of water conservation

There is a misconception that composting toilet are not hygienic when compared to other types, but the thing is, if it is used properly, a composting toilet is very hygienic and clean. The biggest benefit of using a composting toilet is its ability to operate with little or even no water.

But water is not the only benefit of having a composting toilet. Once the composting process is completed, you can use the bi-product (compost) for your garden area to grow more attractive and colorful flowers with rich nutrients. Composting toilets are designed in such a way that harmful microbes are destroyed and immobilized and at last you will be left with nutrient rich soil.

In order to insure you have a positive experience with a composting toilet, it is important to understand that composting toilets come in a variety of options depending upon the number of people using it regularly and what utilities you may or may not have available in the space.

When it comes to the matter of purchasing a composting toilet, just a little common sense and going thoroughly through the manufacturer’s instructions will safeguard your investment and keep the system in working condition for a much longer period of time. Just like that of the septic system, taking good care of the composting toilet will ensure that your system performs as it designed to and lasts for years to come.
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