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Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Systems

Sun-Mar compost toilet systems are ideal in the mobile, domestic and outhouse applications in which flush type toilets are not possible or desirable. These types of compost toilet systems serve as a reliable and efficient year round facility, as it is prepared for the periodic and continuous use even in the cold of winter. For RV and Boat applications the Sun Mar is a great compost toilet system. These Sun Mar toilets are certified residential composting toilet systems.

 How does the composting toilet system work?

All Sun-Mar products bear the NSF mark as these are certified for the residential and cottage use. This type of composting toilet systems does not require separate percolation areas or septic tanks. When it comes to the working of  Sun-Mar Toilets, it can break down human waste by using the microbes present in the air, mulch, and moisture evaporation to create the the finished compost. In composting toilet systems, liquid and solid waste are separated.

The Sun-Mar toilet systems are certified to produce safe compost and also have no odor. One of the unique features of the Sun mar composting toilet is infrequent emptying. When it comes to continuous residential applications, these systems need to be eliminated every 2-6 months. No septic tank or water is needed. In the present market you can avail various models of the self-contained composting toilet systems. One of the most popular model of the Sun Mar composting toilet is the excel model. These types of toilets are little understood products but are growing in popularity among tree house builders, tiny-house builders, and off-gridders.

Things to know

These types of toilets are odorless and also the greatest eco-friendly alternative for your residential use in the suburban and urban areas. The users can make uses of any types of toilet paper; this will break down without any issues. However it is highly advisable that you keep products such as paper towels, diaper liners, baby wipes and other similar products out the toilet. This is due to such types of products affecting the capacity. So you can make uses of these types of toilet designs for your residential application to get the durable and clean toilet system. One of the main benefits that you can gain from the Sun-Mar Toilet is these are the do it yourself toilet systems. You can install these types of toilet system without the help of professional technicians.

Off Grid And Green
Off Grid And Green


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