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Where Composting Toilets Shine

There are a myriad of applications for composting toilets. They have been in existence all through human history. These systems save water to a greater extent, are odorless, and are eco-friendly bathroom fixtures. It doesn’t need any traditional sewer or septic system.

Now, the question that arises is, which are the ideal locations for them? This article will provide ideal locations regarding where composting toilets could be easily installed and most effective.

Rural houses

People staying in rural areas depend on septic tanks for the purpose of waste management. Bear, in mind that not all the locations are suitable for installing a septic tank. In such a scenario, composting toilets can be used as an alternative. It is less expensive to purchase and install. It needs low maintenance and many options require no water hookups.

Pool houses

If you are staying in a pool house, having a restroom facility is very important. Children playing in chlorinated pool water can easily ruin the carpet as well as hardwood floors by going in and out of the main bathroom of the house. In such a scenario, you can consider installing a composting toilet. They are odorless and work great for indoor residential applications. As they are completely self sufficient, there is no need to worry about plumbing and installation expenses.

RV’s and boat

People owning either a boat or recreational vehicles know the pain of waste management. Regularly, you may have to stop at a dump station to dump out the waste holding tank. It’s really an unpleasant task and indeed quite difficult for the travelers on the go. In such places, composting toilets are the ideal solution as you will never have to dump or remove any waste on the spot. They are intellectually designed to handle the waste on its own without the need of external maintenance support.


Often in rural areas, there are certain outbuildings like barns, sheds and other such structures. It would be nice to have restroom facilities in such remote places, but most farmers don’t bother installing a septic system because of its expenses. In such places, a composting toilet can be transformed into a restroom easily without much expense.

Regardless of the places, compost toilets have made it possible to have restroom facility without much hassle or expense.

Off Grid And Green
Off Grid And Green


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Off Grid And Green
Off Grid And Green

December 10, 2015

I completely forgot about tree houses, tiny homes, and seasonal cabins! There are so many places a composting toilet makes sense, the list is endless :)

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