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Disposing of Composting Toilet Waste

In most composting toilets, liquids and solids are separated and the liquid is drained away into a leach field or simply evaporated away leaving you only the solid waste to deal with. If you are using a toilet that stores the liquid waste, you have a few options available for liquid disposal.

  1. Empty liquids into a conventional toilet and flush away
  2. Empty liquids into an approved dump station such as those found at campgrounds
  3. Dilute the liquid and use it as a great natural fertilizer.

For solid waste disposal, the longer you wait to empty the bin, the more pleasant the job will be. Fully Composting Toilet Wastecomposted solid waste can be used as a natural fertilizer in your landscaping and flower beds. If your compost is not fully broken down, you can bag up your solid waste in a compostable bag and add it to any compost pile or compost bin you have available.

Human waste is perfectly safe and a great natural fertilizer when fully composted and broken down. In general, toilet paper takes a bit longer to break down than human waste, so if the paper waste is gone, it’s a pretty safe bet that your compost is ready for the flower garden!

Though popular belief and opinion is that human waste should never be used on a food garden, there are a lot of places using this waste for vegetable garden fertilizer. Once fully broken down, this composted waste is no more harmful than any other compost made from food scraps or garden/yard waste. That being said, all compost toilet manufacturers recommend you DO NOT use human waste compost in your food plots.

How do you use your composting waste? We would love to hear from you!

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