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Stop Raking Your Leaves!

We talk a lot about adding valuable nutrients back into the soil when using composting toilets, but then most people turn around and take those same nutrients away from their yard by raking up leaves every fall to make their yard look nicer.

I’m all for a nice looking yard. There’s nothing better than a green plush lawn to walk around on barefooted leaf pileduring a cool summer day. But there is a better way to handle your leaves so you can not only improve your lawn by keeping those nutrients on the lawn but also keep your lawn looking nice without the clutter of all the fallen leaves.

This fall, instead or raking your leaves up and tossing them away, try moving over them with a mulching lawn mower. This will break up the leaves so your lawn doesn’t get suffocated and will help the leaves break down much quicker.

Leaving the mulched leaves on your lawn will not harm the lawn in the least, and come next spring, your lawn will be fertilized and ready to refresh itself into a great looking green yard.

If personal habit or home owners association rules require you to remove the leaves, at the very least you should add them to a compost pile or bin so you can reuse the compost in the spring on your garden or landscaping.

Another alternative use for the leaves is to mulch them with your mulching lawn mower but run it with the bagger on. If you mulch and bag your leaves in the fall, you have a great new compost additive to use instead of sawdust or peat moss in your composting toilets. We find mulched leaves break down even faster and keep your compost toilets in great working shape.

Every time you send a bag of leaves to the dump, you are giving away a valuable resource!

How do you handle the fall clean up in your yard? We would love to hear some of your stories.

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