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Laveo By Dry Flush Portable Toilet

Off Grid And Green is proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for the Laveo by Dry Flush portable toilet system.

This is a unique, portable toilet system designed to go where you go. Weighing in at only 26lbs and sporting a self-contained battery for operation that lasts for months of use on each charge, this toilet is ready for the boat, cabin, camping, RV, or tiny home in a flash.

Each replaceable cartridge handles around 17 flushes before needing replaced, giving you plenty of use between changes. When it is time to change the cartridge, it all happens in under a minute and you can safely dispose of the waste cartridge in the garbage.

No smell, no worries about freezing, and only one moving part makes this toilet as versatile as a toilet can get.




Cory Eckert
Cory Eckert


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