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Tiny House Giants

This week I wanted to give a shout out to some of the personalities in the tiny house movement who have been the most influential to me. When it comes to tiny homes, you will be hard pressed to find a list of more informative, honest, people detailing the ins and outs of tiny house living.

MiniMotives is written by Macy and follows her and her family as they build, live in, and face the very real challenges of living in a tiny house. I can't recommend reading Macy's blog enough. The posts are well written and informative and every single post has real value to the readers. Keep up the good work Macy!

TinyHouseTalk is written by Alex and covers a huge range of topics dealing with tiny homes. With tons of pictures of different unique builds and information on every aspect of simplifying your living style, I found this blog to be more fun to read than I could have imagined.

TinyHouseBlog has been a great resource for finding all kinds of unique inspiring build ideas for tiny houses. High quality photos and well written posts will keep you browsing for hours and the information available is endless.

I follow several sites in the tiny house industry, but the three sites above have been my go-to sites for some time. I would consider all three of these sites and authors to be true tiny house giants. Thanks guys/gals for your contribution to a growing community of tiny house enthusiasts!



Off Grid And Green
Off Grid And Green


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