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Best Tiny House Composting Toilet

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When it comes to tiny house toilets, there are many options on the market, but not every tiny house toilet is created equal.

Knowing your needs, expectations, and willingness to maintain an alternative toilet will help you choose a toilet that fits your lifestyle and adds to the enjoyment of your new home.

So is there a BEST tiny house composting toilet?... Nope, but here are 6 of my favorites.

1. Lovable Loo AKA: (5 Gallon Crapper)

For the true minimalist, a simple 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat is a great option. My composting adventures began with one of these and it's not as bad as you might think. 

Loveable Loo

Adding an enclosure around this style of compost toilet with ventilation to the outside will make your experience much much better.

If you are starting out with a low budget, this might be the best composting toilet for you. From here on, we dive into commercially available options.


  • Super cheap
  • Easy to maintain
  • No moving parts to wear out


  • Not very eye appealing
  • Tends to smell over time
  • Company is not fond of using it
  • You need to deal with untreated waste fairly often


2. EcoJohn Basic Compost Toilet

EcoJohn Basic Compost Toilet

The EcoJohn Basic is a step ahead of the Lovable Loo in a few ways. It looks more like a modern toilet, so your visitors won’t be quite so shy about using it. And more importantly, it separates the liquid waste from the solids.

Separating the liquids from the solids helps cut down on odor as well as increasing the capacity of the toilet. This separation also helps the waste break down and compost more quickly once removed from the unit.

The EcoJohn Basic also has a 12vDC (120vAC Optional) fan that runs to help exhaust the odors outside. This ensures no smell stays in the home. It also has a heating plate in the bottom of the toilet to help dry out the solid waste.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Very few moving parts
  • Little to no contact with human waste because you simply remove the bag when full and toss it into a dumpster.


  • Requires a vent installation
  • Requires 12vDC or 12vAC power for installation
  • Requires you to plumb a hose to a drain pit for liquid waste


3. Laveo Dry Flush Portable Toilet

Laveo Dry Flush Portable Camping Toilet

The Laveo Dry Flush takes things to a whole new level for tiny home users. This toilet is truly portable and self-contained. The basic concept is like that of a Diaper Genie, except instead of putting diapers in it, you take a poo in it.

The toilet has a double lined bag inside. After you use the toilet, you hit the flush button and the bag is sealed to prevent odor or leakage. Once sealed, the next part of the bag is ready for using.

The Dry Flush runs on 12vDC power supplied by an internal battery but can be adapted to 120vAC power if installed permanently.  Each charge of the battery lasts months of full time use.

When your Dry Flush is full, you simply lift the top, close up the lining bag and dispose of in a dumpster. Each refill cartridge is good for about 15-17 flushes.


  • Light, portable, and ready to use out of the box.
  • No installation needed.
  • Leaving home? You can take this toilet with you if you choose!


  • Bags are not biodegradable (Dry Flush is working on a compostable bag)
  • Refill cartridges can get expensive for full time use.


4. Nature’s Head Toilet

Natures Head Dry Composting Toilet

The Nature’s Head dry composting toilet is the next logical step up, and is the first toilet in this list that is truly a composting toilet. In the previous toilets mentioned, the composting process takes place after the waste is removed from the toilet, no inside the toilet itself.

The Natures Head, is a self-contained, liquid separating, composting toilet all put together in a nice looking package.

There is no need to run plumbing for getting rid of the liquid waste with the Natures Head. A storage bottle for liquids is part of the toilet itself, and is easily emptied when full without spilling or getting messy.

You will however still need to run one exhaust hose to the outside of your home. The Natures Head uses a small 12vDC fan to pull odors from the compost bin and vent them outside.

That being said, since this is a liquid separating compost toilet, there really isn’t much odor to deal with in the first place.

Another really cool feature Nature’s Head is equipped with, is the flapper on the inside of the bowl. When not in use, you leave the flap closed and there is no direct view into the poo pile. Your guests will love you for this feature!

Probably my favorite thing about this toilet over the others mentioned so far, is that with full time usage for 2 people, you might only need to empty this bad boy about every other month or even longer.

On a side note, this unit is a great replacement for marine heads and rv toilets.


  • True compost toilet
  • Infrequent dumps
  • No plumbing
  • Easy install
  • Hidden poo pile


  • Requires electric hookup to 12v or 120v power
  • Does require a vent be installed.
  • Not a fan of the see through urine bottle.


5. Sun-Mar Compact Toilet

Sun Mar Compact Compost Toilet

Sun-Mar’s Compact composting toilet is another great option. Similar to the Nature’s Head in the fact that you will need to install a vent pipe and have electricity available, but it sets itself apart in the way it handles the waste.

The Sun-Mar Compact is designed to separate the liquids and solids AFTER they go into the toilet instead of AS they go in. Using a unique bio-drum system, solids and liquids are separated and the liquid waste is then evaporated away through the vent pipe. This means you no longer have to empty a urine bottle!

Waste is emptied via a finishing drawer at the bottom of the toilet. For a family of two using the toilet full time, you may get as much as 4-6 months between clean-outs.

It is recommended that you run an overflow drain to prevent overflow of liquid waste if the evaporation process does not keep up during peak usage like holidays.


  • Less clean-outs per year
  • No water needed
  • Odor free
  • DIY install


  • Requires power hookup
  • Requires vent pipe install
  • More moving parts


6. Santerra Green X Series Toilet

Santerra Green X Series Compost Toilet

The Santerra Green X Series is another player putting their hat in the game for self-contained composting toilets.

It operates in a very similar way to the Sun-Mar Compact with a few exceptions. The X Series has duel fans for better aeration and odor removal. It comes with a 4” wind turbine to dissipate toilet odor when leaving the home and to prevent rain or snow from coming down the vent stack. And it is available in many colors!

Another great feature of the X Series is the low profile of the toilet. There is no step up required and is very close to a standard toilet height.


  • Unique and modern square design
  • Less clean-outs per year
  • No water needed
  • Odor free
  • Multiple color selections
  • No Step Up


  • Requires power hookup
  • Requires vent pipe install
  • More moving parts

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