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Dry Flush - The Ultimate Portable Camping Toilet

Dry Flush Portable Camping Toilet

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The Laveo by Dry Flush has quickly become the ultimate portable camping toilet. Weighing in at only 26lbs, this portable toilet can operate for months on a single battery charge, making it a grab-n-go bathroom you can take anywhere.


How the Dry Flush Portable Toilet Works

When using this portable toilet, the human waste goes into a double layered lining bag. When done, the bag is sealed, stored in the toilet, and a new bag is made ready, all with the push of a button.

Because the human waste is sealed in the unique bagging system after each use, there is no water, no chemicals, and zero smell!

When your bags run out, simply remove the bag, replace with a refill cartridge, and you are back up and running in under a minute. It’s that easy!


Where Can the Dry Flush Toilet Be Used

The Laveo by Dry Flush toilet can be used anywhere you have room to set it down. Because it’s a waterless system there are no worries about freezing. It’s also 100% self-contained and requires no electrical hookups or plumbing.

Dry Flush Portable Toilet Features

  • Standard toilet seat and height
  • No waste to see or smell
  • Very reliable with only one moving part
  • Use up to 17 times before needing a refill cartridge
  • Sealed system – no odor, no water, no freezing, no chemicals, and spill proof
  • Take it anywhere, install it anywhere, or just set it down and it’s ready to use.

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