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Incinerator Toilets - The How and Why

Incinerator toilets and sewage incineration systems are a great alternative when conventional plumbing or septic systems are not feasible or practical such as temporary shelters, military deployment bases, emergency relieve stations, and off grid installations.

Incinerating toilets burn human waste, turning it into sterile ash thus making it safe to handle and dispose of without the risk of disease or environment contamination.

Types of Incinerating Toilets

There are two types of incinerating toilets on the market today. A self-contained incinerating toilet, and a sewage incineration system. Each type has its place depending on the situation needs.

Self-Contained Incinerating Toilet

A self-contained incinerating toilet such as the EcoJohn SR5 series, is a great option for an off the grid cabin or tiny house. It operates on 12vDC power and uses either propane or diesel fuel to burn the waste.

EcoJohn SR5 Incinerating Toilet

12vDC power is used to run a small auger that pulls the human waste into a burn chamber, then propane or diesel fuel is used to burn the waste into sterile ash. When the burn chamber becomes full of ash, simply remove the waste chamber and empty the ash.

Sewage Incineration System

A sewage incineration system such as the EcoJohn WC series, is a more complex setup, but enables an entire sewage solution. All household systems such as showers, sinks, toilets, and laundry can be plumbed into a sewage incineration system.

EcoJohn WC Incinerating Toilet System

Gray and black water alike, are pumped to a storage tank, and then burned off in a centralized incinerator. This type of system allows much greater flexibility and the limitations are based on how much storage you have available and how much waste the incinerator can handle per day.

EcoJohn WC Incinerating Toilet System

A sewage incineration system also uses more power and fuel to do its job, but the tradeoff compared to installing a septic system, then having it pumped out each month, is worthwhile over the long run.

You can see all our available incinerating toilet solutions HERE. If you have any questions or concerns before ordering, please give us a call!